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Highland Street AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring Program

      Children’s Friend’s Youth Mentoring Program is proud to host for a second year in a row a young professional serving as a Highland Street AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring for the 2016-2017 AmeriCorps service year.

Mentoring with Children’s Friend

          We all remember the adults that helped shape us into who we’ve become. Children’s Friend encourages everyday community members to do the extraordinary by becoming a mentor! Welcome a young person into your routine- go for hikes, play cards, try community activities- together! The vision of the Children’s Friend Youth Mentoring Program is to establish positive, healthy, and productive mentoring matches that will enhance the young person’s social and emotional outcomes. We are focused on positive youth development and evidenced-based mentoring practices.  Mentees of our mentoring program build self-confidence, practice healthy relationships, and identify positive members and organizations within their local communities.  Our Youth Mentoring Program matches youth between the ages of 5 and 18 with a volunteer adult mentor. The pair is scheduled to meet up to 8 hours each month to establish a one-to-one relationship that over a year’s time matures into a genuine, caring friendship. Although matches initially agree to a 1-year relationship, our average match lasts for more than 3 years and over a dozen of our matches have met for over 5 years!

Why become a Mentor?

        • You have skills at everyday things and a unique perspective to share…you are an expert of your own greatness! Help your mentee become an expert in their own greatness!
        • You will receive ongoing support, resources and training opportunities
        • Our program maintains a Quality Based Membership with the Mass Mentoring Partnership, a statewide mentoring leadership organization
        • Mileage and Expenses are tax deductible

Our mentors – like the individuals and families we serve – come from a variety of backgrounds and professions- law, small business, government, finance, automotive, electrical, education, human services, food and beverage industry, and more! Whether it’s taking a walk in the park, watching a movie, cooking or just talking on the phone – when you take time out of your day to enrich the life of a child, you’re making a real difference. To be eligible to apply as a volunteer youth mentor, applicants should have the following qualifications:

• Mentors should have a genuine interest in helping to improve the lives of young people
• Mentors are ages 21 and older
• Clear a CORI/SORI Background Check
• 4 References (2 personal, 1 professional, 1 community-based)
• Applicants must complete a written/online application and interview
• Applicants must complete an evening Mentor Orientation

Our Mentees are young people you voluntarily choose to be a part of this youth mentoring program. Mentees cannot be court-ordered or required by any other individual or institution to join. Interested young people should be between the ages of 5 and 18 to apply. The Youth Mentoring program staff will perform an intake to determine whether or not this community-based mentoring program is a good fit for each individual applicant. If applicants do not appear to be a good fit for this program, staff will work with the prospective.  Have you heard Miranda and Lisa’s incredible story? Their relationship has been featured by the North Shore United Way, click this link to watch their short video!

Our online mentor application can be found at We are in high need for volunteer mentors! We have a wait list of over 30 wonderful young people seeking a volunteer mentor!

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