High Fidelity Wrap Around

Through our wraparound process, a family and their team can develop, implement and fine-tune a care plan that is designed specifically to achieve positive outcomes. In sum, the Wraparound approach is different from a therapeutic approach in that it’s more of a process as opposed to a treatment modality. The “High Fidelity” component of this process refers to the degree in which the process is followed in relation to national standards.

The benefits of a High-Fidelity Wraparound approach are numerous and can include:

  • Building on family strengths as the way to meet their needs
  • Individualized, one plan per family
  • More choice and flexibility for the parent
  • Increased sense of independence for families
  • Care for children amidst the backdrop of families
  • Care for families amidst the backdrop of communities


To learn more about our High-Fidelity Wraparound Therapy, call 978-744-7905.