In Home Therapy

Parents want what’s best for their kids – that includes creating a stable, safe and happy home. Unfortunately, those efforts are threatened by a number of crises, including unemployment, poverty and stress or aggressive behavior. Children’s Friend and Family Services draw on the strengths of the family in order to show them how to care for themselves and each other in times of need by offering In-Home Therapy (IHT) Services.

What Is In-Home Therapy?

In Home Therapy is a structured, consistent, strengths-based therapeutic relationship between a team of clinicians and the youth and family for the purpose of treating the youth’s social, emotional and behavioral health needs. There is also a specific emphasis placed on improving the family’s ability to provide effective support for their children in the home with the goal of avoiding admission to an inpatient hospital, psychiatric residential treatment facility or other intensive treatment setting.

We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • In-home, short term therapy
  • Crisis management
  • 24-hour support throughout the week
  • Activity-based therapy and therapeutic intervention
  • Behavioral Contracting
  • Referrals and advocacy in schools, the community and to other human service agencies

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