Community Service Agency

Our Community Service Agency exists to provide Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) and Family Support and Training (FS&T) to children and youth with serious emotional disturbance (SED) and complex needs. We employ a wraparound approach to care, which is a process that creates care plans that are a mix of provider and community-based services. Each plan is youth-guided, family-focused and culturally and linguistically competent for each individual family.

Our Intensive Care Coordinators and Family Partners work collaboratively with families to develop individualized, targeted care plans that help guide parents by setting measurable, achievable goals and outcomes. CSA is a community-based organization whose function is to facilitate access to, and ensure coordination of, care for youth with serious emotional disturbance who require or are already utilizing multiple services – or are involved with multiple child-serving systems (e.g. child welfare, special education, juvenile justice, mental health) and their families.

For more information on how our Community Service Agency can help you, please call us at 978-744-7905.