Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative

The Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) is an interagency initiative of the Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services whose mission is to strengthen, expand and integrate Massachusetts state services into a comprehensive, community-based system of care, to ensure that families and their children with significant behavioral, emotional and mental health needs obtain the services necessary for success in home, school and community.

CBHI came into existence as a result of a class-action lawsuit filed in 2001 in Massachusetts. The suit was brought against the Commonwealth by parents whose children were ‘stuck’ in systems such as residential placements, emergency rooms and hospitals. The parents prevailed and Massachusetts is now compelled to provide home-based services to all Medicaid eligible children and youth under the age of 21 who meet ‘medical necessity’. These services provide support for families and enable them to better maintain their family at home and not in facilities or extended out-of-home placements.

We provide the following CBHI services:

  • Intensive Care Coordination
  • In-Home Therapy Services
  • Therapeutic Mentoring
  • Family Support and Training

Every CBHI service follows the philosophy of ‘Wraparound’ which places an emphasis on family ‘voice and choice’ – placing the family and their children’s needs front and center. The services and plans created are individualized, family-driven, culturally competent and community-based and designed to increase the ‘natural supports’ available to a family by strengthening interpersonal relationships and utilizing other resources that are available in the family’s network of social and community relationships. The entire process is ‘strengths based’ and includes activities that purposefully help the child and family recognize, utilize and build talents, assets and positive capacities.

Click on a service below to learn more:

  • Community Service Agency (CSA) serving the Lynn and Lawrence catchment areas – CSAs provide Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) and Family Support and Training (FS & T) to over 200 local youths with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) and complex needs by using a wraparound approach that creates, puts in place and monitors an individual care plan that addresses the specific needs of the family.
  • In Home Therapy (IHT) currently serving Salem, Lynn, Gloucester and Lawrence– In Home Therapy is a structured, consistent strengths-based therapeutic relationship between a team of clinicians and the youth and family for the purpose of treating the youth’s social, emotional and behavioral health needs while empowering families with the tools necessary to support the child in the home.
  • Therapeutic Mentoring (TM) serving Salem, Lynn, Gloucester and Lawrence – Therapeutic Mentoring Program offers a structured, one-to-one, strengths-based support service between a therapeutic mentor and a youth for the purpose of addressing daily living, social and communication skills.

To learn about our wide range of behavioral health services for at-risk youths, please call us at 978-744-7905.

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