Children’s Mental Health Services

Today’s families face a range of powerful issues- from depression to troubled relationships. These issues can have an enormous impact on everyone in the family – adults and children alike – and can have serious consequences in other aspects of their life such as school, work and in the community. In many cases, the best way to find solutions to these issues is through guidance and counseling.

Children’s Friend Mental Health services are provided by 100 staff members and reach over 3,000 children and families each year with clinics located in Salem, Lynn, Gloucester and Lawrence. Our services are specifically designed to address concerns of individuals or the family ranging from relationship and behavioral issues to grief, anxiety, trauma, depression and stress. Children’s Friend is dedicated to making sure that our services remain flexible and family friendly. We accept a variety of insurance plans.

For more information on how our Mental Health Services can help you, please call us at 978-744-7905.