Providing a voice for children… and supporting the families who care for them.

Compassion and commitment helps us touch the lives of thousands of people in Essex County and the Merrimack Valley each year, addressing some of the most common and complex family problems present in our community.

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Children’s Mental Health Services
Learn how our 100 staff members reach nearly 3,000 children and their families each year, on-site, at home or in school.

Youth Mentoring
See how our thoughtfully screened mentors are helping at-risk children develop self esteem and positive behaviors through a wide range of social, recreational and educational activities.

Teen Parenting
Learn how our programs are helping to support the needs of teen parents by teaching parenting skills and giving teen parents the opportunity to finish their education.

Juvenile Court Services
Our highly trained staff of social workers, mental health counselors and psychologists provide a variety of court-ordered diagnostic and forensic evaluations.

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Family Support & Training (FS&T)

In-Home Therapy

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