Dana is a 13 year old boy who has suffered from anxiety throughout his life. He had been coming to therapy to deal with his anxiety as well as with some family issues when he suffered several major losses. First a family member was killed in Iraq, his family home burned down, then soon after […] Read more »

Parent to Parent

Parent to Parent became involved with this particular family in October 2009. At the time, the mother had lost custody of her two children to the Department of Children and Families. The Parent to Parent program was the last option for this family. DCF was contemplating pursuing an adoption placement for the children due to […] Read more »

Mac & Sam

Mac was having a hard time at home and in school. What was lacking in his life was a male role model. Mac could use some companionship and help with his homework, but instead comes home from school, watches TV, plays alone, and finds comfort in a junk food snack. He doesn’t feel that he […] Read more »

Jamal & Sylvia

  When we first met Jamal he was a 9 year old boy with severe behavioral problems. He refused to attend school and was having aggressive outbursts at home multiple times a week. His mother, Sylvia, was very quiet and had difficulty making eye contact and was unable to advocate effectively for her son’s needs […] Read more »


Thoughts from the people Children’s Friend and Family has touched. “I have been a long time client of Children’s Friend and Family Services and I would not have it any other way. Children’s Friend, in my experience, is one of the best agencies around, they have helped me and my family greatly. I am happy […] Read more »