Children’s Friend and Family Services Creates Growing Strong Garden Group to Begin in June

Children’s Friend and Family Services (Children’s Friend) has created Growing Strong, a group journey for women exploring mindfulness and relaxation. Growing Strong will be held over the course of 12 Monday evenings at Children’s Friend Salem site at 110 Boston Street in Salem beginning Monday, June 6 at 6pm. Women of all ages are welcome to join in to enjoy relaxation and therapeutic gardening activities.  The group will provide an opportunity to collaborate on gardening activities and focus on the tranquil sensory experience of tending to a garden. Group leaders will incorporate quiet journal time and lead a relaxation activity at the start and ending of each session. Other activities may include pressing flowers or herbs, planting a tea garden and creating artistic signs for the garden.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, call  Christin Brown at 978-219-1516 or email Christin at by May 20 to register. This group is covered by most health insurance plans as a way to increase stress management skills including mindfulness.