Gregg House Preschool Benefits from Services of Children’s Friend and Family Services

Children’s Friend and Family Services has been providing mental health services to the Gregg House Preschool in Lynn for several years. David Weintraub, a social worker from Children’s Friend, serves as a mental health consultant to the preschool that has 105 students ranging in age two years and nine months to six years old. Weintraub provides classroom support and works with teachers and parents to proactively give the preschoolers social and emotional tools to thrive. Although he mainly runs small groups to teach social skills, he also helps children in crisis by creating a mental health plan with teachers and parents. “It is nice to see progress when children are struggling. Young children are very resilient and can get better quicker when they receive proper treatment and encouragement,” says Weintraub.

“We are so grateful to have the support of a Mental Health Consultant for our children and their families from Children’s Friend and Family Services.  Our teachers learn valuable strategies and techniques from David that they can implement in their classrooms.  As an integral part of our administrative team David helps us when making determinations and decisions in the best interest of the children and families we serve.  Our families have received important support services through the referral process.  Mental health is often a very sensitive subject.  We’re working diligently with David to approach the dialogue with care and respect for our clients in a supportive environment. Some of our children have benefited from small social/emotional groups.  Children who need social/emotional support are learning through individual and small group interactions with their peers guided by David.  Children who need support and children who act as role models both gain confidence and learn to be more empathetic,” says Lynellen Nicora, M.Ed., Director, Gregg House Preschool.