Parent to Parent

Parent to Parent became involved with this particular family in October 2009. At the time, the mother had lost custody of her two children to the Department of Children and Families. The Parent to Parent program was the last option for this family. DCF was contemplating pursuing an adoption placement for the children due to the mother’s extensive history of making poor choices and abusing substances. Some of the goals the family partner focused on was helping the mother make more appropriate choices in finding resources to help sustain her sobriety, obtain treatment for underlying mental health issues, and making healthier choices. Once the mother was able to meet these goals and stabilize, the focus was then shifted to parenting skills and rebuilding her relationship with her children. The mother and her partner participated in the Incredible Years Parent Training Program and they utilized their newly learned skills on their visits with the children. The mother, with relentless support of the Parent to Parent program, was able to maintain her progress for over a year. As a result of her hard work and her participation in the program, not only has she been reunited with her children, but also the Department of Children and Families has closed her case as of early 2011.

Thoughts from parents involved in the Parent to Parent program:

“I’m committed to accept new ways of parenting. ”

“I did not think I could be a good parent until now. ”

“My kids love the new me-parent. ”

“I never thought I would get through this. ”

“I see my kids in a new light.”