Mac & Sam

Mac was having a hard time at home and in school. What was lacking in his life was a male role model.

Mac could use some companionship and help with his homework, but instead comes home from school, watches TV, plays alone, and finds comfort in a junk food snack. He doesn’t feel that he has anything to talk about with the kids at school: he feels lonely and socially unacceptable.

Into Mac’s life walks Sam. Sam is a retired postman and has nothing but time and love to give.

Once a week Mac and Sam meet. They go to the movies, take a walk in the park, visit the Museum of Science, eat at a restaurant, or just drive around and do errands. Mac is so happy to have someone he can spend one-on-one time with …someone that gives him undivided attention.

The changes in Mac in just two months prompted his therapist and school guidance counselor to call our mentoring program to thank us for matching Mac with a mentor. They can’t believe it is the same kid. He is talking to kids at school and really feels like he is somebody.

A little bit of time…and undivided attention from a man who had nothing but time and love to give…has made an enormous difference in Mac’s life.

And Sam…he is feeling pretty good too.